About Us

House of Compassion of Toronto provides a permanent, supportive home to adults living with severe and persistent mental illness.

Our goal is to end the revolving door of homelessness and institutionalization that most of our residents have experienced.

Supportive housing, recognized as THE best strategy to permanently ending homelessness among people with severe and persistent mental illness, provides a foundation upon which people are able to focus on being well, developing a community of supports, and pursuing their individual goals.

Walking the Journey Together, we offer staffing support 24/7 and a community in which safety, acceptance, and hope are fostered. We support people to live in the community successfully despite the challenge of living with the symptoms of mental illness.

This is the best that can happen - what heaven perhaps will grant us: not to be wondered at or required
to succeed
but simply to be let in
as part of an undeniable Reality, like stones of the road, like trees. J.L. Borges, From Fervor de Bueno aires, 1923/1972