How to Apply

  1. Determine your eligibility

    You are eligible if:
    • You are living with a severe and persistent mental illness;
    • You qualify for rent geared to income accommodation, that is, you are on a limited income;
    • You require and want the support we provide;
    • You do not require more support than we provide (i.e. must not be eligible for chronic or other institutional care); and
    • You are ambulant (including but not limited to being able to independently climb stairs, get in and out of a bathtub, open doors)
  2. Complete an application form

    Complete an application form to be added to our waitlist. The mental health supportive housing waitlist in Toronto is managed by Co-ordinated Access to Supportive Housing (CASH).

    You can download an application at Alternatively, you can call the CASH office at 416-979-1994 ext. 231 or ext. 264.

  3. Wait for a vacancy

    Please note: there is a significant waiting list. It is recommended that you choose more than one provider when completing your application form through CASH.