Articles of Interest

A Longitudinal Study of Housing for Mental Health Consumer Survivors

February 2010, Research Highlight, CMHC

This study compares outcomes of a low support and high support housing program. The study found that there were significant improvements in the following areas at the high support site: satisfaction with social support, perception of physical health, perceptions of mental health and mastery.

Recovery from versus recovery in serious mental illness: One strategy lessening confusion plaguing recovery

August 2007, Journal of Mental Health, Larry Davidson & David Roe

This article explores two definitions of recovery. The fist definition talks about improvement as both possible and likely for many people with serious mental illness. The second definition talks about the importance of self-determination and inclusion to a person's recovery.

Simply to be let in: Inclusion as a basis for recovery

Spring 2001, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, Larry Davidson, David A. Stayner, Connie Nickou, Thomas H. Styron, et al

This article explores friendship, reciprocity, and hopefulness as foundations to recovery. It also provides an excellent analysis of the impact of stigma on people living with severe and persistent mental illness.

Zero Dollar Linda: A meditation on Michael Gladwell's "Million Dollar Murray", the Linda Chamberlain Rule, and the Auditor General of Ontario

November 2010, Metcalf Foundation, John Stapleton

This article explores the weaknesses present in North American welfare policies. Particularly, it explores the story of Linda Chamberlain, a woman with schizophrenia that managed to obtain her own apartment and get a job until barriers in the welfare system forced her to quit her job in order to maintain her housing.